Self Care

On Tuesday at my job, we got all free lunches.

Today, a coworker made cookies. He called the healthy nutty chocolate chip cookies.

Dark chocolate

He made them from scratch, and the cookies came out crunchy, heavy, fluffy all at the same time. (Impossible?)

indescribable I was impress, and my baking skills definitely put to shame! Burned.

If you are wondering what’s up with the spongebob in the background…

I don’t have a tv in my room so sometimes when I just want to relax and not think/do anything but be a couch bed potato I come to little bro’s room. 🙂

Hopefully I have something interesting to tell you tomorrow.

Got to print out some hw :/



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Hey there!

I am so proud of myself :). Can you believe I did so many things at work/internship without getting tired or stressed out!!

I had so many things to do and other last minute things, but I managed to finish on time. Take that internship! And my poor boss has been out sick this week. :/ Hope she feels better soon. Guilty of piling an extra load of paperwork on her desk.

But on the brigthside, check out what I did at work today.

Feeling Masks!This one was put together quickly. (Note: that stick is not supposed to show. It’s meant to hold with a rubber band around the head).

My client did a better job 🙂

aw so cute We did :(, :), angry and others.

Perfect for Halloween play too.

I’m thinking if I should bake Amrit’s tasty decadent carrot cake recipe or one of these guys:

Cheat Bakes

Out for now.


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GOod morning!

I love mornings, and I especially happy and not tired at all.

I was up by 6 am, and of course I needed my morning dose of coffee.

cinnamon spiced coffee

I like boiling water with a couple sticks of cinnamon for extra aroma. If only smells could be photographed.

Then I added a bit too much creamer today.

And for breakfast…

Oatmeal!I like my oats thick and creamy, but today was a fail.

It was ok though

In the absence of bananas, eat the apples!

Are you a fan of oatmeal for breakfast? What’s your favorite combo?

Out to work and class.


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I might be a nurse…

Today’s activity at my internship was finger painting! That was fun. I love paints. I think I’m starting to like love working with kids.

After I finished some paperwork, I headed straight to visit my aunt, and she had something for me 🙂

=D My Halloween Costume! =D

All I need to do is buy some tights, and I’m good to go!

Btw, I’m back at the library working on my policy paper.

At least the midterm for behavior is done. Phew.

This is what I do at the library hehe

I'm a dork.

LOL my favorite

Haha, my friend Diana.

Hey! If we study too hard, we’ll loose it.


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One more day!

After studying for almost two weeks in row, I decided I needed a break. I almost felt like I wasn’t me anymore. I had almost forgotten how I looked like. Taking two days off from work really helped. I rested and got some work done. Perfect combo.

Midterms creep me out.

Last night, I joined my friends Jessica and Michael. Destination:Weho, and since I have midterms I was D.D. 🙂 I actually don’t mind being D.D.. The last time I went to WeHo was during community immersion for a school paper. I have to say it was definitely a different experience.

Jamal decided to come as well!

Always smiles.

But our smiles don’t compare to Mike’s 🙂

I better start getting ready to head to the library. Behavior midterm is due at midnight! I have about a page to go. Then, I want to work a bit on my policy paper. The deadline got pushed back, but I want to finish it a.s.ap.

Wish me luck!


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Obama is here!

Hey there! I’ve been extremely busy writing papers and working on midterms. Oh gosh, grad school is not that easy. Deadlines were Oct. 22, 24, 26. Fortunately, we all conspired in our policy class and wrote a petition to have the paper due a week later. So, now it’s due in November. Phew! Actually, that only means I’ll be busy for another week.

Seriously, I am exhausted and my brain feels like putty. The library is my second home, sigh. 🙂 I’m there from 7-12 pm.. Fortunately I have my friends, Diana and Gaby, to work through this. It’s stressful, but I can see the end coming. Ha, or maybe I’m just in denial.

Today I woke up super early at 5 am!! My professor pretty much threatened us to come earlier today and not to be late! Class starts at 8 am. She didn’t care Obama is at SC today!! Instead of letting us attend to the event, she wants us to be in class… what a hater. Yeah, sorry I’m just a little bit angry partly because of all the stress. I’ll get over it, and I’ll forgive her :). So, here I am sitting in a Starbucks drinking a blended chi tea latte, mmm yum. For some reason, the doors of to the buildings at schools are still closed. Haha, I was like… haha, in your face woman, when I saw her come in early around 6:40 am and tried opening the doors. Lol. Loosen up lady!


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A Rainbow Amidst the Rain

It’s all starting to pick up! I seem to be getting used to the idea of the “unstructured schedule” from my internship. It’s AALL GOOD now. I definitely don’t have a problem with it anymore, but part of it has to do with the fact that I have more clients now!! I’ve been assigned 2 more as of today. So now that I have things of my own, I don’t think I’m going to feel as lost as I was feeling just waiting around without anything to do and feeling like I was supposed to do something but not knowing what, and hence feeling there must be something I was doing wrong! OMG! But, aah (inhale, exhale, omm) everything is falling back in place.

Besides, I’m super exciiiiteed because we are getting a new office at my second site with brand new couches. Oh yeah! And we get to decorate it and make it appealing.

Its been raining here in LA, but I am not minding the rain. On the contrary, I’m loving it, and I hope the cool sticks around. Oh, one thing that’s not cool about this rain is of course traffic! Traffic is always bad in LA but the rain just makes it worse. Doesn’t it seems like people drive faster when it rains?

Well my lunch break is almost over, and I better start getting ready to go back to work.

I also have a paper to write after I’m done at site. Awesome right? I’ll tell you how it went.

L8ter alligat8rs!

Just because I’m so corny, haha:

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