What kind of runner are you?

What happened to Fall weather?!

The weather in LA has been nuts. Dislike… Usually after Halloween, it starts getting chilly, and I need some chill time (literally and figuratively). It was 93 degrees yesterday and today’s weather promises a bright hot sunny day at 96 degrees. Wonderful.

I’ve been looking forward to cooler weather not only because I miss my sweaters but mostly because I need cooler weather to go for afternoon runs!

I haven’t been running since the end of summer and I miss it <3.

I consider myself a morning runner. I think it’s better to run in the morning because it’s cooler, and I can get just get it over with. It also gives me more energy, and I love how the breeze feels, and oh, the smell of fresh grass!!

Any ideas of what I can do while it’s still hot? Need some motivation.

Have a good day!


P.s. if you are planning of buying a movie online, double check it’s the movie and not the album. I had to buy a movie for class, and I accidentally downloaded the album instead of the movie… and it’s not great music… lol.



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A proud UCLA Alumni, and a friendly, down to earth girl.
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