Berry Exciting!

My little brother and I were in the backyard observing this little guy:

I don’t know why but I think lizards are cute.

Then my little brother went to check out his berry tree. About a year ago, my parents bought him a tiny berry plant because he wanted one. My little brother is a fan of pink berry, and when he was younger he would always ask my parents to buy him a frozen yogurt with red berry toppings. “I want the red,” he would say. So, when he saw the berry plant he wanted one because he thought he would have pink berry with red all the time!

Since he got the plant, he checks on it every time he plays outside. (He also has a cherry tomato plant; and he actually picks them and brings them to us. He actually calls them “my tomatoes.”)

Today he checked, and here is how the excitement went!

The End!

(I know I’m a dork… :D)



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2 Responses to Berry Exciting!

  1. Lizards ARE cute!! We don’t have lizards where I live, but every time I go on vacation to Florida, I take pictures of the little lizards. They’re so tiny and quick.

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