In the car

Good morning! πŸ™‚

It’s nice bright and sunny today. I luv it.

You know what’s weird… I’m actually writing this post in my car. I came out to work/internship too early. For once there was no traffic! I could get used to that. πŸ™‚

So while I wait for my coworker or for someone to open the office, I’ll just update you about this Halloween weekend.

silly me


I didn’t follow my halloween plans. I was just so tired from sleeping late waking up early everyday that I just fell asleep on Saturday. I probably slept since 5 pm til 9 am Sunday. It felt so good though.

On Sunday, I made myself a yummy breakfast. Peanut butter toast, oatmeal, banana, honey, and spiced pumpkin coffee.

After breakfast, I did some laundry and went for a bike ride. I took pictures but 1/2 of them got lost.

Here are some survivors:

I finally discovered where the "pro" bikers park.

Took this shortcut on my way back home.

I wasn’t planning on dressing up for Halloween, but then Joe and Jacky stopped by and convinced me…

But I still don’t have my pics. IOU!!

Time for serious work.




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A proud UCLA Alumni, and a friendly, down to earth girl.
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