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Recipe for success

As planned Gaby, Diana, Diana’s mom, and I went on our hike. It was much needed, and we were really looking forward to go to Whittier Hills. Whittier Hills has beautiful sights! I loved going there. I’ve come to the … Continue reading

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Good Morning!

I have like 20 minutes to say hello. It’s so dark outside!! I have to go to class soon though. In case you are wondering where I’ve been: Story of life–> Empty agenda. I haven’t even had the time write … Continue reading

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What kind of runner are you?

What happened to Fall weather?! The weather in LA has been nuts. Dislike… Usually after Halloween, it starts getting chilly, and I need some chill time (literally and figuratively). It was 93 degrees yesterday and today’s weather promises a bright … Continue reading

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Berry Exciting!

My little brother and I were in the backyard observing this little guy: I don’t know why but I think lizards are cute. Then my little brother went to check out his berry tree. About a year ago, my parents … Continue reading


In the car

Good morning! 🙂 It’s nice bright and sunny today. I luv it. You know what’s weird… I’m actually writing this post in my car. I came out to work/internship too early. For once there was no traffic! I could get … Continue reading

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