Don’t ruin my day…

I woke up at 5 am again like last Friday, and joined my mom for some coffee and pumpkin banana pudding for breakfast.

After getting ready for school, I checked my email and the grade for practice is in. I’m not too happy with the grade I got. I know I made some mistakes, but I think the professor was a little biased. She didn’t even write comments on my paper.

Wow. I really don’t like her. I think I’m blaming her for my lack of effort. I felt so miserable. I don’t know I think she is kind of weird though.

As we are talking about “intellectual functioning” her example was:

I have a client that graduated from Harvard law. Wouldn’t you rate the client’s intelligent level as high? And she is very smart, converses well with me, and she is younger than me too.

Wow. Can you come up with a better example. What about people that are in poverty and don’t have a degree?

Do you have a happy story for me? I need something to make me feel better.



About caligirlnextdoor

A proud UCLA Alumni, and a friendly, down to earth girl.
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