One Week of Orientation :)

I spent all week at my program’s Community Immersion. It was a very busy week but it was an awesome experience. I had the opportunity to attend workshops as a group with other MSW students. As part of the immersion, I visited West Hollywood with my group and orientation professor. The professor and the alumni, who guided us through the community for 2 days were great. They were energetic, intelligent, and very helpful. They were able to answer our questions about the community as well as the program and the career. They constantly gave us advice and offered their support.

In West Hollywood we got to meet the mayor, John Heilman, and the councilmen. Everyone on board was very kind and knowledgeable as well. But the most important thing is that they all cared for population groups in their community. In West Hollywood, the population consists largely of GLBT, Jewish Russian seniors, and according to their census about 90 homeless.  The city, however, is very well run because it has a large capital that helps to fund many social services that in turn create a healthy environment for everyone in the community. Of course, like all cities, West Hollywood is not exempt from challenges. Yet, the city is very aware of its problems and does the best to address them by applying creative solutions (such as different research methodologies), fighting to maintain ordinances, preparing the elected board in different fields like real estate management among others, and it is always opened to new ideas. West Hollywood has many interesting facts, and I encourage you to find out more about it!


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