Negative Opinions Can Have Positive Outcomes

Dun dun duuun! I am feeling optimistic and confident about the decisions I am making. The goal list that I’ve been working on is almost complete, and I nailed the top and most important goals.

How do you challenge yourself?

Sometimes I need to be “enraged” by someone who tries to put me down or tries to deflate my aspirations. Although it’s good to listen to people’s advice, be on guard of the pessimistic comments and let those slide. Always have confidence in the decisions you are making and don’t let anyone inject fear in you.  There are many people who simply walk away from the “pessimist,” or those that don’t agree with your actions. I, however, am grateful to encounter those that don’t believe in what I am doing. Instead of sidetracking me, I end up using their words and thoughts as a challenge. In my subconscious, I want to prove and further my capacities. In fact, I actually believe that the “goal deflators” I encounter before I attended college propelled me to go “against the odds” of their expectations, and I made up my mind to get my B.A. from UCLA because that is the school I wanted to attend.  Regardless of what they would say (i.e. go to community college you’ll save money…), I would simply listen but deep inside I knew I was not going to community college because I wanted to give myself the luxury of paying more for the experience of being a Bruin. 😉

Today, I find myself in a similar situation. In pretty much a week, I am starting my MSW program at USC. Forgive me Bruins!! I still love you! 🙂  Am I making the savviest decision? Many say that I’m not. Others say that my decision is ok, and some are supportive and ensuring. I appreciate all opinions because I need them all. I need the “negative” ones as a reminder that I need to make the best of what I’m doing. Seek opportunity, work hard and believe that I am not wasting my money but simply making an investment.


About caligirlnextdoor

A proud UCLA Alumni, and a friendly, down to earth girl.
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