So you thought…

If you thought I had quit the blog, you were wrong my friend! I’ve been busy mainly at work, and by the time I get home I eat dinner, and I’m too tired to even watch T.V. Last week, Yvette, a co-worker, and I moved an entire office all with our female muscles (and the help of a little cart). Wowsers. It was hard work but we made the best of it. Bryan, my other co-worker, and I have inside jokes of our work. We scanned so many files too and made analogies to assembly work and flipping burgers lol. We would even pick up a beat or rhythm with the noise of the Xerox machine and the clicks from removing the staples. Haha.

Last Sunday, I believe, I went for a bike ride to the mall. I met my parents there, and I ate yogurtland. Hey! I deserved that “snack.”

It was a fun ride. Very relaxing until the sun came out! I am now suffering the consequences of sun burnt shoulders. That’s what I get for wearing a tank top and not applying sunscreen… Very smart of me.

Unlike me, I encountered some witty people, who gave me the idea of bringing along a radio on my next ride. Haha. I am actually considering the idea. Don’t judge; I don’t own an IPod!

I also fell in love with scrabble last weekend. I played with my favorite scrabble pro, my friend Veda Faith Sky, and now I am hooked. I can’t wait to play again. I must admit. I need to brush up on my skills.

I also got to meet a Vietnam veteran. We had a very interesting conversation, but I don’t have time to discuss it now.

Besides that I’ve been doing some thinking on that Goal List. I can write down a million things but I want to narrow it down things that are worthwhile and that I’m positive I want. If I list things that I truly desire, I know that I will stick to a plan to achieve my goals.

I’m going to give myself a week to write down my goals, and I’m going to stick to them, and I’m going to start believing in myself again because somewhere between high school and college I lost some trust in myself. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been doing a lot of worthwhile things, but I didn’t see the success or greatness of my abilities. There is a pebble I left behind at work that said something along the lines if you believe in your worth, others will see in you.

Small things in life are great occurrences.

p.s. Share your goal list with me! =)


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A proud UCLA Alumni, and a friendly, down to earth girl.
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One Response to So you thought…

  1. Marlene says:

    Aw this post inspired me! I want to make a goal list too. I will get back to you on what I include. I also feel I lost a little confidence in myself when I went to college. This also reminded me of the bucket list we wanted to do. We have to get on that when I get back if you still want to do it!

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