Getting Out of My Comfort (on land) Zone

Yesterday, I took my first SCUBA diving lesson!! Apparently this was what my friend had wanted me to try all along, and I was missing out. It was a free lesson, and it was a completely different experience. Totally worth it! The instructors were really amiable and helpful, and I had complete trust that they wouldn’t let anything go wrong. Also, the fact that my friend is a certified SCUBA diver made me feel more comfortable. It was also fun watching them do tricks underwater that I didn’t dare to try.

It’s truly amazing that a little apparatus allows you to breathe normally underwater. I was able to breath normally through my mouth every second I was underwater! Actually, it takes a whole tank full of oxygen and other gadgets to do the trick…. Nevertheless, breathing with it feels easier than breathing while jogging uphill, (and I consider myself a runner 😉 ). One of the things you do have to be aware of is making sure you pop your ears each time you descend a couple feet (?), or whenever you are feeling pressure. According to the instructors, the pressure increases just as if you where ascending in an airplane. I had to pop my ears a couple of times as I descended because I could actually feel pressure in my ears. After blowing air through my nose a couple of times to pop my ears, I was already at the bottom of the pool in a flash. Everything feels really slow and enclosed. Hence, it is recommended that you don’t try SCUBA if you are claustrophobic. The vest and the tank are actually heavy, but of course it feels very light underwater. Initially, I couldn’t swim in a straight line because the vest was uneven, and it would flip me to the side. Then, I couldn’t kneel on the pool’s floor because I kept floating up a bit above the floor. All the instructor had to do was attach some weights to my vest, so that I passed the “test” making sure I had enough weight to remain underwater, which was the whole point of the experience. Once everyone was deep in the water, we just played catching at throwing toys and swimming very slowly. The space actually feels much smaller than it actually is, and you can’t really hear anything other then bubbles. I couldn’t actually tell if they were my own bubbles or other’s. Sometimes I would see a person next to me when I least expected it. I also thought everyone looked silly wearing the goggles, but underwater, it might have just been me, but everyone’s eyes looked bigger and rounder. If you haven’t tried SCUBA, I recommend at least taking a lesson, and if you are a “pro” at it, now I understand your enthusiasm. Maybe in the future, I’ll take more classes to become certified and be able to swim with little aquatic creatures!

Isn’t this cute?

I found it on google images.

Funny short story: After SCUBA we found a park, and we were playing Frisbee. Obviously, it was a very bad idea to play next to a canal. In one throw, the disk rolled straight down to the moldy, slimy, nickelodeon approved, canal. We tried to get it out, and were succeeding until my friend slipped right into the green slime! It was hilariously disgusting, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Sorry my friend. 😛

P.S. No run today. I’ll consider it rest day. :]

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