Something new… & It’s Crunchy…

Somehow I managed to get out of my cozy bed at 5:30 a.m. again!! This time, however, wasn’t as easy as yesterday. For a minute I thought about sleeping in, but I thought about how good an easy run would make me feel. So that’s exactly what I did. I jumped off my bed, strode to the door and put on my running shows. (Note: I’ve been leaving my running shoes outside, right next to the door, to avoid bringing dirt into the house.)  This time I counted my laps; I ran 3 miles at an easy pace. The point is to get some motion—I don’t want exercise to feel like a rigorous routine or physical punishment. =)

The rest of the day was as usual, except for the fact that we ran out of bananas, so I tried cereal (because I wanted something cold) with apple for breakfast! And it wasn’t that bad… Luckily the apple tasted really sweet, and there was a crunch with every spoonful, and of course I added peanut butter, which makes anything taste so much better. I don’t know why I like it so much.

I noticed that I actually look forward to my one hour commutes to work just to listen to music and radio talk shows, but neither were that amusing today…

Last night, I re-visited some old poems I wrote a couple of years ago. I could totally tell what I was going through! It was fun reading them, and I’m thinking that I should start collecting my poems. Sometimes I write one and throw it/ delete it. When you don’t want to be verbal, writing is a good form of expression, or to let go of whatever you are feeling, good or bad. In fact, sometimes you can be clearer about something on “paper” than verbally. And the best part is that you can control if it stays private or not.

Tonight I’m tutoring my neighbor, who is bringing me a bag of the new Pretzel M&Ms!!! We’ve been looking for them for a while, and at last I get to bite some of those little dudes. Ah, I think that will be the highlight of day.

Leaving you with the song of the day:


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